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obama is going to hold his first state dinner since taking office. >> the details have been guarded, until now. >> as we speak, there is a huge white tent on the south lawn, decorated with magnolia branches with the obama's will put their stamp on one of the most spectacular of white house traditions. it is a party months and months in the making. the first question, who made the cut? jennifer hudson will perform, steven spielberg, and jeffrey katzenberg are expected, as well as many prominent indian americans. >> you do the best that you can to make sure you put together a very extensive and comprehensive list. >> 320 people, under a tent on the south lawn. will there be a magic or trouble? >> this is a standard by which all future state dinners and official dinners will be judged. >> all presidents have a distinctive state dinner style. george bush only had six in eight years. bill clinton had 29. ronald reagan held 57 predict whether it is a toast between two former enemies, a gown that makes it hard to keep eye contact, or an unlikely dance, state dinners suddenly rendered washi
. but needless to say, he will rather quickly. i should mention that president obama has been informed of what was going on at ft. hood. he was about to make some remarks in a few moments. i'm not sure, honestly in what venue he was to speak, but he apparently is going to have something to say about this in just a few moments, and, obviously, express condolences that everyone feels for those families. as general kohn mentioned, one of those killed is a civilian police officer. we don't know if the others were military personnel and, obviously, there's a question as to whether, or what rank this individual was who did the shooting. brian ross, who is here, our chief investigative correspondent, he may have some details on that. >> we do from three separate law enforcement sources. they describe the shoot, the person now dead as an officer. an officer, perhaps major or retired major. but he was the shooter, according to three separate law enforcement sources. the lone shooter. some reports say he is from virginia and had been recently deployed in iraq. >> but again, two other people arrested. so
. >> the obama coattails from last year's election are not anywhere near as effective as they were when he was running. about the democrats even admitted this was a bitter defeat. >> this is not quite the good morning that i had hoped it would be. >> they would not go so far as to say it was a bitter statement on the state of the union or a referendum on the obama administration. >> the republicans, they can say all they want. about what the government -- while the governor elect will say it, his colleagues say that frigid it is red again. -- his colleagues say that virginia is red again. bob mcdonnell will take the rest of the week off, go to a notre dame football game, and spend the rest of the week with his family. he will be speaking with governor tim kaine to begin the transition. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> there is no shortage of those who believe last night's elections could said galt trouble for president obama. it at 6:00, how his plans could change. >>> help is available for virginians who need financial assistance to stay warm this winter. the virginia dominion power is accept
obama's. across the white house lawn in april, showing he is not camera shy. >> i knew just from having him with me that he was going to be the perfect dog for the right family. >> he lived with this va.-based woman for several days of training and observation before a top-secret meeting at the white house. and we all sat on the floor and i introduced bo, and he took right to them. and they to him. >> they say that the first daughters were surprised and everyone was taking pictures. >> it was a regular weekend with the kids. i happen to be there to help with the dog. >> we recently visited dawn while she was working with this five-month old, but her success started with this dog, the late senator ted kennedy's daughter cathy. training cathy lead to a 10-year relationship with the kennedys. >> going to their house was like going to friends house. >> they sent the obamas to her. now her training class is like this one in georgetown are filled to capacity. >> that will replace the jumping. >> she says though she is now training to a famous pup, she treats them all like top box. alison star
obama also met privately with the family members of the 13 fallen. later he visited the hospital where many of the wounded are still recovering. >> we keep all of them in our thoughts and prayers. >>> what is left of the tropical storm is bringing some heavy rain across the southeast. it came ashore this morning. 45-mile per hour winds. oil companies evacuated all of their workers from the area. most of the heavy rain is over and tropical storm warnings have been discontinued. what does it mean for our weather? that is the question we put to meteorologist doug hill. >> no longer y tropical characteristics but it is still producing a heck of a lot of rain. the majority of the rain is displaced much further to the north. it is getting close to our area. over the next 24 hours, we will see some of that rain moved into the region while the heavier stuff should remain to the south and east. a fairly mild temperatures right now but that will change as cooler winds come in with the cold front tonight. we will call for cloudy skies, showers redeveloping to the south of the metro area later thi
elementary school student -- virginia elementary school students shared gardening tips with michelle obama today. mrs. obama and agriculture secretary tom vilsack visited a school in alexandria, looking at the extensive garden and promoting the obama administration's healthy school initiative. they were recognized for their dedication, teaching students about healthy meals and physical fitness. >>> mount st. mary's university in maryland thought it was a financial blessing, but turns out the owner of $40,000 of rare coins only wanted the virgin mary's blessing. she told the director of the shrine that she left her money there so that mary could watch over it while she was on vacation. the director convinced her next time to put the coins and a safe deposit box. -- in a safe deposit box. >>> there will be a benefit concert at windsor auditorium tonight. after a thanksgiving dinner, public enemy will board a flight and perform a free show for people on the street in northwest. >>> time to check the traffic situation with eric foster. >> slow ride each way the lanes of interstate 270, northbo
have poured in from the white house on down. president obama issued a statement that he put his fortune on the line for the city he loved. abe pollin's funeral will be held on friday. >> some money in this town have wonderful memories of abe pollin. coming up at 5:00, a big -- big crowds are not just on the road -- last-minute shoppers are buying groceries. max -- >> the search for at 11-roll boy -- turns out he was underground bulk time. >> in alexandria, you might want to grab a share. it's almost time to line up for black frid woman: i don't know. dealer: you know, volkswagen takes care of the scheduled maintenance at no cost. and during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, jetta, or top safety rated tiguan for practically just your signature. it's that easy. woman: i can't believe it. woman: i can believe it. yep. >> we are following slow holiday traffic on the road. our news choppers live over the belt way. a 3 hour long drive in some places between tyson's and college park. >> the things we go to to see our families on holiday. people say for them, the holiday is more abou
? >> >> michelle obama is visiting denver to promote her mentoring program for girls. some of the participating women it included the health and human services attack -- secretary. she went to south high-school to meet with the students. >>> president obama had some strong words for chinese leaders. hear what he had to say at 6:00. >>> a couple and their two dogs are safe after a dramatic rescue off the coast of hawaii. they had to abandon their fishing boat after fighting high nds and 40-foot waves. the coast guard helped coordinate rescue effort. they were able to make it safely to the cruise ship. >> good for them. >>> they have to have those winds turn more from the east. as we go to the next couple of days, the winds will start turning more to the northeast, and then to the east. plenty of time to get those sandbags restored. it looks good on our weatherbug network. today, close to 70 degrees. this is find november weather. 63 degrees right now. 59 degrees in hagerstown. 58 degrees in leesburg, and in oxon hill, currently 60 degrees with a light northeasterly breeze. temperatures around th
's help. sam ford, abc 7 news. >>> today is veterans day. with the rain falling, president obama honored fallen soldiers, of veterans, and active-duty military. [taps plays] president obama paid tribute to the servicemen and women who serve and protect our nation at arlington national cemetery. at the world war ii memorial, survivors of the great war presented wreaths at a solemn veterans day ceremony. a 16 million men and women served, fault, and died in the second world war. gail pennybacker is live at the iwo jima memorial with how the memorial was observed. about a lot of people we spoke with, veterans and to are just there to respect them, say they see changes, whether it is just the president of the united states to private citizens, and veterans day is evolving. they are the new veterans. on the day set aside to remember them, they feel the change. >> i think seeing how much people are appreciative and supporting of it this year is definitely positive. >> beyond the solemn ceremonies, with ribbons of remembrance and hope, the images of the morning. retired admiral bob shoemaker wa
you to be cured president obama: we are americans. we're a forward-looking people. last year, virginia, you helped lead a movement... of americans who believed that their voices could make a difference. that's what we need to do in this race. that's what creigh deeds is committed to. i need every one of you to get fired up once again so that we can go towards the future with creigh deeds leading the great commonwealth of virginia! you disgust me. prove it. (announcer) enough's enough. d-con baits are fifty-percent stronger than the competition, and can kill in one feeding. d-con. geout. you disgust me. prove it. (announcer) enough's enough. d-con baits are fifty-percent stronger than the competition, and can kill in one feeding. d-con. get out. >> halloween just ended. >> you know what that means, it is time to start talking about how vote -- holiday shopping. we have word of a 20 price word that could make a happy holidays for the kids at the east. -- a toy price war. >> already laying on the holiday charm earlier than usual. it is not even thanksgiving and price wars have begun. firs
to our to be attended by president obama. >> this cannot become a battlefield. >> president obama will be addressing the guests of honor at tomorrow's ceremony, the families of the 13 killed in last thursday's massacre. >> thank you very much. we will have much more from fort hood, including a look between the accused gunman any controversy local religious leader at 6:00. >> we enjoyed a cloudy but warm afternoon outside, but how much longer will the warm temperatures last? we have a first look at the forecast. >> looks like we have one more mild day and that it will turn a bit cooler and breezy by mid- week. let's look at the forecast through monday evening. we will stay as we have been, cloudy and mild with him pitchers dropping into the 50s. -- with temperatures dropping into the fifties. we are running 68 degrees above average. i want to show you the latest on tropical storm ida. it was a hurricane but it has weakened and will make landfall on the alabama and georgia coast. it could develop into a coastal storm. will it affect our weather? what will it do along the coastline?
. they demonstrated the robot that they built in just six weeks. mr. obama announced a campaign, a $260 million program aimed at motivating students to excel in science and in math. >> we are going to expand the scope in education across the america and expand opportunities for all young people. >> the commitment coming from the private sector is aimed at giving education programs out of the classroom. he believes science and math should be recognized, wanting students to see these subjects as cool. >> this is just as big and great as any sport. >> no matter how much money you put into education, people might not think it is cool. >> students from four local schools got a chance to meet the president as he kicked off the program, a reward for their hard work as a young scientists. >> people get to see that you are in the robotics and get to me the president. that will get people interested. >> as part of his plan to get recognition, the president announced an annual science fair held annually at the white house. >>> eric foster is watching the road for us. >> taking a look at a longstanding acc
with republican bob mcdonnell. creigh deeds voted at his home. he has been touting his support of barack obama and "the washington post." we are live in arlington where voters have been casting their ballots all along. >> things are beginning to pick up a little bit as people are getting off of work and coming to the polls to vote. turnout throughout the state for a lot of folks, so far, has been disappointing. >> nothing is going to keep coming out to vote? >> not even the kids. >> people just don' think that is that important. it is our governor we're voting for. >> this man voted in alexandria. there is a nice sized crowd, but he is disappointed more people are not turning outhe vote. -- out to vote. >> [unintelligible] >> both gubernatorial candidates say that turnout is critical. he has been following the race very carefully and education is the most important issue. >> when i listened to the debate, [unintelligible] >> virginia has voted in every election during her adult life. >> my mother was swedish. i know how important it is to vote. there is a man there who could not speak english,
is still alive. >> in their honor, president obama has ordered flags flown at half staff until veterans day. those at the pentagon pause this afternoon for a moment of silent prayer. similar ceremonies were held around the country. >>> we are learning some surprising new details about the accused shooter. he is a northern virginia native with many of local ties. suzanne kennedy is live in arlington. >> hasan lived part of his life here in arlington and then moving to roanoke, virginia. friends and family say they never would have thought that this soldier would turn on his own. he is a soldier that did not want to go to war, and army major that was frequently teased about his beliefs. he recently lived in silver spring and worshipped at this mosque. friends describe him as a devout, not a radical. >> he had a nice, quiet this position about him. he was a humble guy. i found him very interested in his religion. >> he was born in virginia and graduated from virginia tech. the 39-year-old became an army psychiatrist that received his degree in bethesda. he recently worked at walter reed medica
up. >> president obama will reveal his long awaited plan for afghanistan. coming up at 6:00, what we can expect from the speech and what his closest allies are doing, not being on board with the plan. and how rich members of congress are and why congress will decide whether you pay more to fly. >>> not necessarily a fun date to go out and fly. >> no, and let's check in with doug -- not necessarily a fun day. >> let's go to our live super doppler 7. you can see that orange and yellow line. that is the system. it is well to the south, fredericksburg, charles county, calvert county, saint mary's county, to the eastern shore. now, our storm tracks behind, and there is a pretty sure back edge to this line of raid that is quickly moving off to the east -- a back edge to this line of rain. some lake effect showers with cold air coming in. it is going to be chilly tonight. close to 30 in some of the suburban areas, mid 30's in town. 43 in rockville, 43 in suitland. the rainfall total was generally about one-quarter of an inch, a little more in some areas. temperatures now in the lower 40's i
. in his first thanksgiving at the white house, presidt obama took time to thank u.s. servicemen and women. the president called service members stationed in afghanistan, iraq, and the arabian gulf. he placed calls to 10 service members in tokyo interest in a canister and celebrated the holiday with a traditional thanksgiving meal. they even stage their own parade. and floats, marching bands, and giant balloons made their way through new york city for macy's annual thanksgiving day parade. for the first time, the parade by past broadway. parts of broadway are now closed. one of the 11 high school bands chose to march in the days parade, we will have much more on their performance coming up. and many families are sitting down to big thanksgiving dinners this afternoon, but for some people with medical problems, thanksgiving can be a lonely time. suzanne kennedy is live now in our newsroom with what is being done to make sure they also get a good meal. >> this is a massive operation aimed ativing mr. people living with diseases like hiv, aids, and cancer. it gives them an opportunity for peo
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